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   Our Garlic bulbs are Naturally Grown and can be used for seed Garlic or Culinary/Eating use. Check out the Growing Garlic page for planting tips and the About Garlic page for descriptions of the different varieties.

Chesnok Red-Purple Striped variety

Originating from Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia.  Chesnok is capable of producing large bulbs containing 7 to 9 crescent shaped cloves. A taste test winner and a must have for anyone's Garlic collection.  Stores very well       

Belarus-Purple Striped variety

The first Garlic out of the ground in the spring. Early harvest. A rich flavor and is delightfully mellow but with a little bite when raw      Stores well.      

Hardneck Garlic

Pay Pal Garlic Scapes

Pehoski - Purple Striped variety

Pehoski Purple is hot and strong when raw and cooks to a mild earthy flavor. Each bulb contains 5-7 large cloves This garlic originated in a Polish community in Wisconsin.

Inchelium Red  -Artichoke

Discovered in Inchelium, Washington near the Canadian border, this is a top rated Softneck Garlic.  Inchelium Red can grow quite large generally with several nice sized clove layers and then smaller central cloves.  It is a good braiding Garlic that is rich in flavor but not overpowering.  If you grow Garlic you want at least one Softneck.    Excellent storing                        

Fresh Inchelium Red -Artichoke Garlic

Garlic Sampler

You can experience a unique variety of gourmet Garlic by ordering a sampler, consisting of an assortment of our garlic. An order of 1 pound will be a mix of three different Garlic. A 2 pound order will have a mix of six.

Garlic Sampler

Polish Red Softneck -Artichoke

Long a favorite of mine, this Softneck harvests early.  Watch for one brown leaf then dig one up to check progress. Expect to harvest up to two weeks before your Hardneck's.  Generally, produces large bulbs with fewer of the small inner clove than you expect from a Softneck.   Excellent storing                   

Fresh Inchelium Red -Artichoke Garlic

Softneck Garlic  If you grow Garlic you want to include at least one Softneck

Other Orders

Culinary/Eating Garlic

A collection of our Garlic that does not quite meet the Planting Stock size standard but excels in the taste department. As an added benefit the smaller bulbs tend to store longer.

 Quantity will be calculated after harvest in July       


Fresh Romanian Red-Porcelain Garlic

German Extra Hardy-Porcelain Variety

Consistently the largest Porcelain Garlic that I grow. I have read that this along with German White, German Stiffneck and Northern White are the actually same Variety. All I know is that it grows slightly different than my German Porcelain in that it will send up Scapes and harvest about a week later.     Stores well.

German Porcelain Garlic
Fresh Romanian Red-Porcelain Garlic

Romanian Red -Porcelain variety

Introduced to British Columbia from Romania, it is reported to be a fairly disease resistant garlic.  This Garlic is a robust grower, producing 4 to 5 large, easy to peel cloves. It is pungent and hot “with a bite” when eaten raw.  When cooked it has a wonderful “Garlic” complexity.  This is a “Garlic lover’s” Garlic. Stores well.

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Well we had a severe Hail storm the first week of June and the Garlic plants got pummeled.  It was just at the time when the plants stretch upward, the scapes shoot up and the bulbs start to form.

The Garlic barely grew after that and the harvest confirmed that we will not be selling any Garlic for planting this year.

We will be planting the best of what we have expecting a better 2023.