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Glenn Borucki

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Why buy our Garlic?

We are a small Wisconsin farm selling Gourmet Garlic for seed and eating. (This means your Garlic will get a significant amount of our attention.) Though the farm is not certified organic at this time we have always followed Organic methods and sustainable farming practices.

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Sold out for 2021

Garlic is harvested in July. Orders will be shipped in September after curing and final hand inspection.  If you want your Garlic earlier just note it in the comments section of your order.

 Our Garlic is grown primarily for you to plant but of course it can be eaten. We also offer Garlic for culinary use that is smaller in size but not in flavor.

What makes us love Garlic?

There are many studies reporting the health benefits of eating Garlic. I just love the challenge and satisfaction of growing good Garlic.  Oh yeah, and who doesn’t love the flavor?