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 We are a small Wisconsin farm selling Gourmet Garlic for seed and eating. (This means your Garlic will get a significant amount of our attention.) Though the farm is not certified organic at this time we have always followed Organic methods and sustainable farming practSomething Special From Wisconsinices.


What a wet spring but it did not seem to affect the Garlic.  I do not know why but the color has been exceptional, we will see if it holds as the GarliCuring Garlicc drRed Garlicies.


We were done harvesting by the 4th of July and the Garlic is drying well. Time to start cleaning and grading. All of the Garlic is not as large as the one pictured with the dollar bill but very few are under planting size.Glenn's Garlic


2015 was a great year for growing Garlic. Yes, that is a real baseball laying with the Chesnok Red Garlic. We were sold out early too. We planted a larger area. Hopefully the 2016 Garlic can compete with this years in size and weight.

Softneck Garlic with Bulbils2014:

2014 brought one of the coldest winters and wettest springs that I can remember. It was so cold that some of  the Softneck Garlic bolted meaning it tried to grow as a Hardneck and produce bulbils. Several of the varieties were somewhat smaller than expected while others flourished. Ah the mystery and unpredictability nature.

2013: Garlic grown in Beds

2013 was a good year for us, all of our Garlic sold. We look forward to next years 2014 crop which will include several additional new varieties.

Thank you for your interest in our Garlic.

Sincerely, Glenn and Lynn Borucki


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Curing Garlic